Welcome to the Trades Exhibition Hall

After years of sharing information about the industrial-commercial-institutional (ICI) construction sector at career fairs and showcases across Nova Scotia, we had an exciting idea. Wouldn't it be great if we could create a fun, interactive facility for youth and career-seekers to learn about occupations in the ICI sector? A place where visitors could talk to construction professionals and get a chance to try things out first hand! Well - that's just what we did.

The NSCSC Trades Exhibition Hall is a unique venue that offers students, job seekers, employment counsellors, teachers, community groups, and the general public an opportunity to experience construction occupations in a tangible way. Developed in partnership with industry and the Province of Nova Scotia, the Hall features 14 interactive exhibits (booths) where visitors can learn about construction careers by participating in a variety of hands-on demonstrations and speaking with industry professionals at different stages of their careers.

The Booths

Types of Tours

Visits to the Hall are by appointment and there are three basic types of tours that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Construction Gallery (30 min - 2 hours) - Interaction level - 2/10 (Low)

A gallery viewing of the Hall. Take a guided tour with one of the Trades Exhibition Hall staff around the facility to learn the basics about careers in construction. There are limited hands-on activities and no industry professionals are present.

Recommended for groups of teachers, career counsellors, or others who facilitate/organize career awareness activities.

Speed Trades (Up to 5 hours) - Interaction level - 6/10 (Moderate)

A half-day learning experience that includes a safety orientation prior to entering the Hall. Booths are staffed with industry professionals and may include simple hands-on demonstrations in some cases (for example use of a simulator).

Construction Immersion (More than 5 hours) - Interaction level - 10/10 (High)

A full immersive experience that includes a safety orientation prior to entering the Hall. Booths are staffed by industry professionals and include hands-on activities at each exhibit (for example, soldering a pipe fitting, assembling scaffold, bricklaying, etc. with guidance from trades professionals).

For visitors staying for several hours or over lunch, arrangements can be made for food and beverages (water is always available) or visitors may bring their own. Please discuss your needs with the Trades Exhibition Hall Coordinator at the time of booking.

To book a tour or to learn more about the Hall, please contact our Trades Exhibition Hall Coordinator Madison Tiller at 902.832.4761 or email teh@nscsc.ca