Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council Launches Survey

Focussed on Planning for the Future


HALIFAX, NS - The Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council (NSCSC) is working with industry and industry partners to conduct a pivotal Labour Market Assessment of the Industrial-Commercial-Institutional (ICI) construction industry.  The study will provide the Council with relevant information about the sector across Nova Scotia, where it is today and the demand that is expected over the short and long term, provincially and regionally.


The NSCSC will use information collected by the Labour Market Survey to address existing trends and future implications for trade labour and skill requirements in overall sector planning and liaisons with industry.  As well, the NSCSC will use the survey data to up-date trade profiles, categories and descriptions in this integral sector. 


NSCSC project manager, Trent Soholt described the project as, “a grass-roots approach to collecting valuable up-to-date information on the trades in Nova Scotia.  It will provide a solid foundation for future planning of the ICI construction sector.”


The survey aims to engage stakeholders at all levels to better understand the issues industry faces in Nova Scotia and according to Soholt the survey project “will build fundamental partnerships and relationships within the industry towards improving human resource planning and labour force requirements in the sector.”


Industry Participants, Employers and Business Managers are encouraged to visit: http://www.constructioncouncil.ns.ca/ to complete a survey online or for more information please contact the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council at (p) 902.832.4761.






NSCSC Project Associates, Tom McGuire (902) 431 6972 

Or Corinne MacLellan (902) 209 3234