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If your name does not appear in our listing, it may be that we no longer have your current address or phone number and therefore have been unable to reach you for permission to publish your name.

Please contact our office to update your information (902.832.4761) or obtain any Modules or Seals that you may be missing to complete your certification.


Graduates 2003
Name Sponsor
Michael Gallant Plumbers & Piprfitters Union / Sayers & Associates Ltd.
Kevin Harvey Plumbers & Pipefitters Union / Sayers & Associates Ltd.
Kenneth Lake Ironworkers Union / Marid Industries
Kevin Williams Plumbers & Pipefitters Union / Sayers & Associates Ltd.


Graduates 2004
Name Sponsor
Brian Atwell Carpenters Union / J.W Lindsay Enterprises Ltd.
Stephen Barrett Carpenters Union/ Markland Associates Ltd.
Steven Lewis Carpenters Union / J.W. Lindsay Enterprises Ltd.
Brian Nicoll Carpenters Union / Markland Associates Ltd.